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The Glenbrook South Science Department offers four levels of first-year introductory courses and two second-year follow-up courses. In addition, to these physics courses, there are several opportunities to explore electronics through three different courses. These courses include:

Course Title

Course Description

Conceptual Physics

A first-year physics physics course which focuses upon the conceptual nature of physics. Algebraic problem-solving is de-emphasized. The pace of the course is less than that of Regular Physics. The course includes a survey of mechanics, wave and ray optics, and electricity

Regular Physics

A first-year physics course which presents both the conceptual and the mathematical nature of physics. The course includes a study of mechanics, wave and ray optics, and electricity.

Honors Physics

A first-year honors-level physics course which includes a strong emphasis on data analysis and problem-solving. Students enrolled in Honors Physics should have a strong interest in science, possess sturdy math (geometry, trigonometry and algebra) skills and an innate curiosity. The course includes a study of mechanics, wave and ray optics, and electricity.

Honors ChemPhys

A two year course in which students attend physics class and chemistry class on alternating days. The physics portion of the course is equivalent to the Honors Physics course.

Engineering Physics

A second-year physics course which blends engineering design principles with robotics, computers and electronics. The course is project-based and centers around the use of the Basic Stamp.

Advanced Placement Physics

A second-year calculus-based physics course designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement test. The course includes a semester of mechanics and a semester of electromagnetism.


A second-year physics course exploring the beginnings of the universe, its nature, and the laws that govern its behavior. The course involves direct observations of the night sky, virtual computer-based labs using actual images and data, and the study of the current topics in astronomy.


These courses are taught by the seven physics teachers listed below. Their teaching assignments for the 2006-2007 academic year are listed beside their names.

Physics Teacher

Courses Taught

Debbie Berlin

Conceptual PhysicsRegular Physics

Steve Grosland

Conceptual PhysicsAstronomy

Tom Henderson

Regular PhysicsHonors ChemPhys

John Lewis

Regular PhysicsAdvanced Placement Physics

David Lieberman

Conceptual PhysicsRegular Chemistry

Jeff Rylander

Regular PhysicsDepartment Instructional Supervisor

Neil Schmidgall

Honors PhysicsHonors Engineering Physics

David Smith

Honors Physics Regular Physics

Mike Stancik

Conceptual PhysicsRegular Physics

Suzanne Webb

Regular Physics Team Science

Contact information for these teachers is available on the Contact and Usage Policy page. 




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