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Usage Policy

Perhaps one of the most common question of visitors to our web site is "Would you mind if I download the pages (or the graphics or the ...) ?" The answer is "Please don't!" While the text is our own work, many of the graphics at our site are from clip art collections which we have purchased and subsequently acquired the rights to use. Being the legal liscencees of such software permits us to use the graphics in our own work. In some instances, we sought special permission to use the graphics on the web. It would be an infringement upon the rights of the original artists and owners of the work to download such graphics for use in your own work. If such a practice becomes common, it is feared that the permissions which we have received to use such graphics may be denied. In effect, the work which we have put into our site and the benefits which it provides to others would be compromised. Please do not download our graphics (and text) for use in your own projects or for delivery by your own servers. All such requests to download graphics, animations and even text will be denied regardless of their end use.

The second most common question of visitors to our web site just might be "Can we use this stuff?" The answer is "Please do!" (provided that by "use" you do not mean anything contrary to the above paragraph). Nothing would delight us more than to know that the efforts which we spend educating our own students actully spreads beyond our own classroom. In fact, that is a central role of our site - to spread physics learning beyond the walls of our classroom into our students' home. And if the learning spreads beyond the students in our own community to those outside it, then we will feel that our time and effort in creating these resources is that much more rewarded. Feel free to search, to read, to study and (where appropriate) to interact with any of the resources on our site.



Glenbrook South physics teachers have a typical load of students and a typical list of teaching duties. These duties include grading papers (yuk!), preparing demonstrations and labs, fixing and ordering equipment, preparing and teaching lessons, and helping students. We love our work and we love teaching our students. And if it weren't for the daily demands (and pleasures) associated with family life and child-rearing and for the natural limitations on our time and energy, we'd do our work all day long. But the fact is, we are limited and we must end our day and return home to our families and our other life.

During the course of a day, it is not uncommon for us to receive 15 emails from students whom we do not know. These students typically request help with a project, a homework assignment, a link to a resource on a specific topic or tips regarding an upcoming test. While we always welcome emails from our own students, we feel that it is important that students from other schools request help from their own teachers. It is important that a student communicate with their own teacher about the material in their own class. Furthermore, we simply do not possess the time to respond to such email requests. Regrettably, all such requests for homework help, project help, and the need to find a specific resource will be ignored.

Teachers from other schools are often curious about our web-based approach. They often have comments, questions and requests for assistance and guidance. An attempt has been made to put together a series of pages which provide some answers and some assistance; nonetheless, we realize that such pages do not cover all the bases. If you are a teacher and you have a comment, criticism, complement or question, then feel free to contact us. Whenever possible, an attempt is made to respond to such emails. Sometimes, time availability prohibits a quick response.


Email Addresses

If you are a teacher or a Glenbrook South student, feel free to contact us at the appropriate addresses below.

Physics Teacher


Debbie Berlin

Steve Grosland

Tom Henderson

John Lewis

David Lieberman

Jeff Rylander

Neil Schmidgall

David Smith

Mike Stancik

Suzanne Webb



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