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About the Shockwave Physics Studios

The Shockwave Physics Studios is a series of interactive animations designed for high school physics students. The animations were created using Macromedia Director. The files in Shockwave Physics Studios were originally designed during the summer of 1998. This section is still under development; considerable attention will be given to this section of the GBS Phyics web site during the 2005-2006 school year. Several new animations will be added, a facelift will be given to the pages and previous bugs will be removed.

Additional physics resources can be found at the Glenbrook South Physics Home Page; such resources include The Physics Classroom, the Minds On Physics Internet Modules, the Multimedia Physics Studios, The Quiz Room, and The Review Session



The animations at the Shockwave Physics Studios were created with Macromedia Director and require the use of the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in. The plug-in can be acquired from Macromedia. Directions for downloading and installing the plug-in are available at that site. If you are not set up to view Shockwave movies, other low-end GIF animations are available at the Multimedia Physics Studios.



Credits and Thanks

The Shockwave Physics Studios began during the summer months of 1998. A grant was received from The First in the World Consortium of Schools in order to learn the technology involved in creating Director animations and creating a few simple files. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Consortium, about six Shockwave files were added to our site.

Some of the graphic elements used in these animations were originally part of the "Hewitt DrewIt" clip art collection available through LaserPoint Educational Software (1328 West Palo Alto Ave., Fresno, CA 93711; Fax: 209-449-9760). The graphics were subsequently imported into a graphics program, colorized, and resized. They are used with the permission of the original artist - Paul Hewitt.



Your feedback concerning this resource is extremely valued. An effort is made to keep up with all user feedback via electronic mail. Suggestions and constructive criticism is pondered and evaluated and often leads to the revision of pages. I am particularly interested in feedback concerning how you as a teacher use this resource in the classroom (if at all) and on how your students might be using this resource. Such feeback is helpful in making future plans for the Shockwave Physics Studios and for planning other resources at the Glenbrook South physics site.




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