Unit 6 Packet

Regular Physics

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Objective 1



Objective 2

Circular Motion and Inertia

Uniform Circular Motion Lab

Circular Motion and Acceleration


Objective 3



Objective 4

Toy Airplane Lab

Circular Motion and Free-Body Diagrams

Amusement Park Physics


Objective 5



Objective 6

Kepler's Laws

The Law of Harmonies


Objective 7

Universal Gravitation


Objective 8

The Value of g



Objective 9

Satellite Motion



Uniform Circular Motion Simulation (pp. 1-2)

Speed vs Velocity; Scalars vs. Vectors

Direction of Velocity Vector

Direction of Acceleration Vector

Direction of Net Force Vector

A Circling Object Doesn't Move Closer to Center

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Circular Motion and Inertia (pp. 3-4)

#1-3 Inertia

#4 Centripetal Force

#5 Centripetal Force

#6 Centripetal Force

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Circular Motion and Acceleration (pp. 5-8)

#1 Velocity Change, Acceleration, and Net Force

#2 Acceleration

#3 Ticker Tapes, Acceleration and Net Force

#4 Force and Velocity Direction and Resulting Acceleration

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Toy Airplane Lab (pp. 9-10)

Mathematical Equations for Circular Motion

Free-Body Analysis and Circular Motion

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Circular Motion and Free-Body Diagrams (pp. 11-12)

Circular Motion in Athletics
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Amusement Park Physics (pp. 13-14)

Circular Motion at Amusement Parks
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Kepler's Laws (pp. 15-16)

Kepler's Three Laws
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The Law of Harmonies (pp. 17-19)

#1 Derivation of T2/R3 relationship

#2 Comparison of T2/R3 for planets

#3 T2/R3 for moons

#4 T2/R3 for moons

#5 T2/R3 plot

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Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation (pp. 21-22)

#1 and #2 Universality of gravity

#3 The Apple and the Moon Argument

#4 - #9 Equations as a Guide to Thinking

#10 - #14 Variables effecting Fgrav

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The Value of g (pp. 23-27)

The Value of g
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Weightlessness (pp. 29-30)

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Satellite Motion (pp. 31-32)

#1 Orbital Speeds

#2 and #3 Satellites as Projectiles

#4Energy Analysis for Satellites - Circular Orbits

#5 Energy Analysis for Satellites - Elliptical Orbits

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Supplementary Challenges

See answers and accompanying solutions to all odd-numbered problems.


Additional resources for physics students are available through links on the GBS Physics Home Page. Such resources include the Multimedia Physics Studios , a collection of animations and movies which illustrate key physics concepts and the Shockwave Physics Studios, a collection of interactive Shockwave exercises.

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