Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

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December 15 - December 19, 1997

Question #1:

There are a wealth of physics tutorials and instructional pages on the Internet which focus on the topic of motion. Most of the pages are written for college students; a few are written for first year high school physics students. Two popular tutorials are The Physics Classroom and the Multimedia Physics Studios. These tutorials are located at the same site - which happens to be a high school site. Use a major search engine to find either The Physics Classroom or the Multimedia Physics Studios. The most useful search engines to use for this task are HotBot (, Lycos ( and Alta Vista ( If you find The Physics Classroom, then navigate to the Multimedia Physics Studios using the links from that page.

Once you have found the homepage of the Multimedia Physics Studios, do the following:

  1. Identify the URL (address) of the home page of the Multimedia Physics Studios.
  2. Describe the search path which you took to find the page (see example description).
  3. Browse through the homepage and look at the variety of animations until you find the answer to this quetion (NOTE: if you have an outdated AOL browser and haven't updated recently, then you probably won't be able to view the animations. Use the Internet connection at the school or get an updated browser from AOL.):

    A riverboat heads directly across a river in the presence of a current. If the river current was bigger, then would the time to cross the river be smaller, larger, or the same time? ______________ Support your answer with physics reasoning.

    Do a bang-up job on this question; it is worth two of the three extra credit points.


Question #2:

Anna Litical does the Vector Addition Lab and heads 14 meters, south; then 12 meters west; then 22 meters north; then heads an unknown distance east and ends up with a resultant displacement of 17.9 meters at 20.6 degress. What was Anna's eastward displacement during the fourth leg of the trip? PSYW


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