Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

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November 17 - November 21, 1997

Question #1:

Find The Exploratorium Science Museum's web site in San Francisco using a major search engine. Browse through the site (or use the search button found on the site's home page) until you find the page titled "Ear Guitar." The page instructs you to build an ear guitar using simple household activities. Do the activity (building the ear guitar and performing the modifications which the page describes). It might be helpful to find a classmate or fellow Physics 173 student to perform the activity.

Once you have found the site and performed the activity (building the guitar), do the following:

  1. identify the URL (address) of the page.
  2. describe the search path which you took to find the page (see example description).
  3. discuss the contents of the page and the underlying physics of the Ear Guitar in terms of the language of Physics 173. In your discussion, make explicit reference to the equation for the velocity of a wave on a string; identify the variable in the equation which you modified in this activity. Describe what you did to modify the variable and the influence of such modifications on what your heard.
  4. Submit the Ear Guitar to your teacher. If you worked with a friend, then submit the ear guitar with both names attached.



Question #2:

A buzzing mosquito near your ear makes a sound with an intensity level of 40 dB. How many buzzing mosquitoes must there be in order for the intensity level of the sound be 100 dB (which is incidentally equal to the intensity level in the fifth row of a typical Twisted Sister concert)? PSAYW






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