Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

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May 4 - May 8, 1998

Question #1:

There are a variety of interesting sites on the web which apply mechanics principles to real-world phenomena. One site of interest is the Slam Dunk Science site. The Slam Dunk Science Site is a series of activities, readings, and links pertaining to the physics of athletic shoes. The physics of athletic shoes involves the topic of collisions - the collisions of the shoe with the ground. Thus, this week's Internet Search question will involve a trip to the Slam Dunk Science site.

Begin by using a major search engine (HotBot, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite, Dogpile, etc.) to find the site. Once you have found the page, answer the following questions (2 pts).

  1. Describe the search path which you used to locate the site (see example description).
  2. Visit the Lab Tools section of the site and describe the Impact Testing test. Explain the physics behind the energy return test.
  3. Visit the Activities section of the site. Click on the Computer Modeling Activity. Identify the name of the piece of software used to conduct the computer modeling and describe some of the findings of the activity which is described on the Computer Modeling page.


Question #2:

In an Impact Tester test, an athletic shoe is strapped "sole-up" to a stationary machine and a test weight is dropped upon it. The energy return of the shoe is determined by measuring the initial and final rebound heights of the weight. An 8.5-kg foot is dropped from an initial height of 0.65 m and returns to a height of 0.31 m. Determine
  1. the energy return of the shoe. (0.5 pt.) PSYW



  2. the pre- and post-collision speeds of the shoe and the post-collision speed of the Earth assuming an isolated system. Note: the mass of the Earth is 6.0 x 1024 kg. (0.5 pt.) PSYW

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