Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

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April 27 - May 1, 1998

Question #1:

If you've been doing the questions of the week, then you probably know by now that The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco has some pretty cool science stuff. Take another virtual tour to the Exploratorium. (Use a search engine to find it if you do not know the URL.) From the Exploratorium home page, click on "Sport! Science." Browse the various articles if you wish, but eventually navigate to the page titled "That's the Way the Ball Bounces." The page is the first page of a series of four pages pertaining to the physics of baseball (and particularly the physics of bounce). Once you have found the page, answer the following questions (2 pts).
  1. Describe the search path which you used to locate the page (see example description).
  2. Describe the changes in a baseball's construction since 1911 and the effect which it had on the baseball's bounce.
  3. Observe the sample data in the Dropping Balls section on the second page of the article. Explain the trends in the data - that is, explain why some of the balls bounce higher than others. Be specific in your explanations. (You may want to read the third page of the article before completing the explanations.)
  4. Summarize the Why Do Balls Bounce section on the third page of the article. Comment on the variables which would effect the bounce of a ball.
  5. Describe and explain the baseball manager's freezing trick as described on the fourth page of the article.


Question #2:

A 1.18-kg baseball bat moving horizontally at 18.9 m/s hits a 0.221-kg baseball sitting upon a tee. The baseball is set in motion with a horizontal velocity of 48.2 m/s. Assuming a perfectly elastic collision in an isolated system (a big assumption), determine the post-collision velocity of the baseball bat. (1 pt.) PSYW

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