Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

The Questions

October 20 - October 24, 1997

Question #1:

Search the World Wide Web for one example of wave interference; the example could be a demonstration, a lecture, a picture/diagram, or a discussion. Describe the search path which you used to find the page and identify the address of the page. Then briefly describe the example of wave interference which you found; there is no need to actually print the pages and submit them. (HINT: If you have been doing the questions of the week for the last few weeks, then you know that The Exploratorium museum is a wonderful place to find quality physics information.)









Question #2:

Water waves are produced by two ducks who are periodically bobbing up and down in the water. The frequency of the waves is approximately 2.0 Hz. As you stand on the shore (which happens to be a position along the third anti-nodal line), you estimate that you are standing approximately 3.5 meters farther from the far duck compared to your distance to the near duck. Based on these estimations, calculate the wavelength and the speed of the water waves produced by the ducks. Accompany your calculations by an informative two-point source diagram. PSYW

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