Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

The Questions

October 13 - October 17, 1997

Question #1:

Use a major search engine to locate the Exploratorium Web site. Once you have the Exploratorium web site, navigate to the Learning Studios; then navigate to the Science Explorers area within the Learning Studios where you will find an activity called the Reflecting Raninbows activity. Print out the Reflecting Rainbows page). Describe the path which you took to find the Reflecting Rainbows page and the actual address of the page. Then summarize the 4-step activity and explain how it works in your own words and in the words of Physics 173. (NOTE: This is an exceptional preview activity to the subject which we will be studying near the end of next week. This puts you at the head of the class.)










Question #2:

A physics students builds a guitar as part of a physics project. One of the strings has a mass/unit length of 0.0045 kg/m and a length of 0.58 meters. What is the wavelength of the first harmonic? What is the speed of the waves in the guitar string? And with what tension must she pull it in order to produce the frequency of 261 Hz (corresponding to middle C)? PSYW

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