Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

The Questions

November 3 - November 7, 1997

Question #1:

Take a virtual tour to The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. From the Exploratorium home page, use the Search button to find an online exhibit titled "The Bird in a Cage." The exhibit can be found using "color" as a search term. Navigate to "The Bird in a Cage" exhibit and study the page for a while. Read the page and do the "To Do and Notice" section.

Describe the search path which you took to find The Exploratorium and the online exhibit. Identify the URL of the page. Finally, describe The Bird in a Cage exhibit and explain how the phenomenon works in your own words and in the words of Physics 173.



Question #2:

Idenitfy the colors of your favorite football team's uniforms (or basketball team or baseball team or ...). Then make a table in which you identify what colors the uniforms would appear if illuminated with red light, green light, blue light, cyan light, yellow light, and magenta light. Use a separate row for each illumination color.

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