Physics 173 Internet Question of the Week

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March 3 - March 6, 1998

Question #1:

For this week's search question you will visit a site titled "The Nine Planets" ( The Nine Planets is a multimedia tour of the solar system. A wealth of information is included at the site which is relevant to our current topic of study. For this week's search question, you will browse the site to find three pieces of information. First, find two pieces of information which you already know (or should know) which relate to our current topic; this information could relate to Newtons' Universal Gravitation, Kepler's Laws or planetary motion. Then find one piece of information which you did not already know yet find to be personally interesting; this information could relate to asteroids, comets, information about specific planets, other solar systems, space exploration, etc.

For two points, write a few short paragraphs in which you discuss your findings. To earn the two points on this search question, do the following:

  1. State each of the three pieces of information which you have found and discuss each of the three pieces of information.
  2. Identify the page/address to which you went to successfully find the information.
  3. For the third piece of information, discuss what you found to be interesting about it.


Question #2:

Suppose a tenth planet was discovered whose orbital radius was 8.5 x 1011 meters. Use Kepler's Third Law to estimate the orbital period of such a planet. PSAYW



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