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The Physics of Sports

Project Information Sheet


Your project involves the analysis and comparison of the physics of a few selected human movements. Technical information on the sports will be collected by means of background readings and actual measurements will be made using video analysis or some comparably useful experimental method.


By the end of this project, you should be able to:


Your teacher will provide:


The student is responsible for:


Some KEYWORDS to use in a literature search:


Strobe light photography

Coefficient of restitution

Human Performance Laboratory

Physics - sports

Sports - physics

Human Locomotion

The name of any selected sport


Internet Resources

Collaboration Ideas


IMC RESOURCES (placed on reserve):


General Information:

How the World Works

500 REN

Experimenting with Science

507.8 GAR

Foundations of Modern Physics

530 HOL

How Things Work

530 CRA

Physics Projects for young...

530 GOO

Adventures in Physics

530 HIG

A Source Book in Physics

530 M

The Story of Physics

530 MOT

The Project Physics course

530 RUT

Phenomenal Physics

530 SWA

The complete Guide to...

797.1 EVA


Detailed Information about your specific topic:

How Things Work

530 CRA

The Physics of Golf

531 JOR

The Physics of Pocket Billiards

531 MAR

The Physics of Sports

531 PHY

The Physics of Sports (different version than above)

531 PHY

Roundabout: The Physics

531 WAL

Exploring Biomechanics

591.1 ALE

Newton at the Bat:...

796 NEW

Mathematics in Sport

796 TOW

Sports Fitness and Training

613.7 MAN

Sailing School

797.1 SCH

The Physics of Baseball

796.357 ADA


Other IMC RESOURCES (not placed on reserve)

Science and physics encyclopedias and reference materials

CD-ROMs (particularly the "How Things Work" CD-ROMs)



The folders (mentioned above) will be one of the most useful resources for technical information. In a small amount of time, you will be able to find a variety of WWW sites on the Internet. The links from our GBS Internet Links page will lead you to many sites with useful discussion of biomechanical approaches to sports science. The reserved reference books will be very useful. In terms of performing an experiment, you may have chosen the most difficult project. Think hard about narrowing your topic of study. Do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with your teacher in order to discuss project plans. Before putting too much effort into researching a single sport or a single motion, be sure to give careful thought to the identification of a testable question and the procedure for collecting and analyzing data for that sport. If that sport (or motion) is difficult to study experimentally, then do not pursue it as your focus of study.

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