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The year end project consists of a variety of parts - an extensive literature search (in which you gather information relevant to your topic and report it in the form of a THEORY section), a project proposal (in which you design an experiment - purpose, hypothesis and step-by-step procedure), experimentation (in which you perform your experiment, gather data, analyze data and discuss the results), and a presentation (in which you use multimedia software to present your literature and laboratory research findings to the class). Each part of the project will be graded separately using the rubrics linked from this page. The entire project is worth 200 points (30 points which will be based upon observation of your performance by your teacher).

Literature Search Rubric (40 points)

Project Proposal Rubric (40 points)

Data and Graphs Rubric (10 points)

Discussion of Results Rubric (40 points)

Presentation Rubric (40 points)

Student Observation Rubric (30 points)

Group Summary



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