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Auto Collisions and Auto Safety

Project Information Sheet


Your project involves the analysis of automobile safety and automobile collisions. The efforts of accident reconstructionists, safety administrators, and automobile designers to reduce collision frequency and insure vehicle safety will be examined.


By the end of this project, you should be able to:


Your teacher will provide:


The student is responsible for:


Some KEYWORDS to use in a literature search:

Hydraulic bumper systems

Pneumatic bumper systems

Seat Belts (shoulder and lap belts)

Air bags

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)

Traction Control

Tires and Traction

Active suspension

Crumple zones

Crash Testing

Automobiles - safety devices

Automobiles - safety features

Automobiles - air bags

Accident reconstructionists

Automobiles - crash testing

Automobile driving

Rotational motion

Rotational energy

Energy conservation

Work-energy theorum

Momentum-impulse equation

Conservation of momentum

Work of deformation

Energy absorption

Energy transformation



Internet Resources

Collaboration Ideas


IMC RESOURCES (placed on reserve):


General Information:

How the World Works

500 REN

Experimenting with Science

507.8 GAR

Foundations of Modern Physics

530 HOL

How Things Work

530 CRA

Physics Projects for young...

530 GOO

Adventures in Physics

530 HIG

A Source Book in Physics

530 M

The Story of Physics

530 MOT

The Project Physics course

530 RUT

Phenomenal Physics

530 SWA

The complete Guide to...

797.1 EVA


Detailed Information about your specific topic:

Unsafe at Any Speed...

629.23 NAD

Your Car and Safe Driving

629.28 F

Causation, Culpability...

629.28 KLE

How to Avoid Automobile Accidents

629.28 T


Other IMC RESOURCES (not placed on reserve)

Science and physics encyclopedias and reference materials

CD-ROMs (particularly the "How Things Work" CD-ROMs)



Information about accident reconstruction might be difficult to find in textbooks. However, the WWW contains a wealth of information on accident reconstruction, as well as general information on safety features and highway safety administration. Be sure to utilize the videotape on the topic of auto collisions. Information about safety features in automobilies is abundant. Other literature sources include periodicals and magazines. Interactive Physics provides an excellent means of modeling and analyzing auto collisions.

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