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Auto Collisions and Auto Safety

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The following World Wide Web sites offer information relevant to your project. Depending on your particular research interest, some sites will obviously be more relevant than others. To optimize the efforts of your web search, each site has been described so that you might judge its usefulness in advance. As you proceed with your World Wide Web search, document your progress (both successes and failures) using the Web Site Trail sheet.


Traffic Accident

Reconstr'n Origin



TARO is a technical journal pertaining to the technical analysis of the details of an accident site in order to reconstruct information about the actual accident. The main purpose of this web site is to present ideas and techniques regarding accident reconstruction. The "Approach Angles" section presents a picture of an accident scene and discusses approaches taken to investigate the accident. The "Contents" section lists actual on-site and off-site articles on the topic. The "Reference Library" lists other sources of information on accident investigation. Do not browse this site casually; spend some time here and get all you can out of it. A can't skip site.





WOW! This is it - physics in action with regards to traffic accident reconstruction. This page is actually an outline (or better yet, a transcript) of a talk on how an accident investigator can analyze an accident scene and determine the speeds of vehicles. It presents the physics of accident investigations in a language that a litigation lawyer can understand - it is technical, yet not too technical. Topics indlude Newton's Laws, momentum and energy, centrifugal (UUGH) forces, launch velocities of projectiles, and the kinematic analysis of skid marks. Hopefully some of those terms sound familiar to you. Upon analysis of this page, perhaps you will want to visit Summit Engineering's home page.


Accident Reconstr'n



Here is a wealth of links to information about safety engineering, injury control devices, traffic investigation software, books and journals on the topic of accident investigation, and organizations committed to accident investigation and auto safety. Spend some time browsing from their page to other pages of relevance (see "Other Useful Resources").


Steve Wagner's

Home Page


Steve Wagner is an accident reconstructonist who has produced a very useful set of web pages. Steve's Accident Reconstructionist's Calculator is a program which can be downloaded and used as part of your experimental study.


Harris Technical



Harris Technical Services is a traffic accident reconstruction firm which offer a variety of services pertaining to the analysis of accidents. Most of their services are offerred to attourneys who are representing victims of accidents in court. Several articles of a technical nature are available on-line; topics include anti-lock brakes, air bags, police radar, perception and reaction time, hydroplaning, etc. Finally, this site offers a piece of downloadable shareware, a link to TARO, and an opportunity to chat on-line with traffic accident professionals.


McHenry Software



Most accident reconstruction is performed using computerized techniques. This page describes how accident evidence can be used (both successfully and unsuceesfully) to extract information from the scene and arrive at some conclusions regarding the pre-accident characteristics of the colliding objects. Discussion of Newton's laws, momentum conservation, external forces, trajectory-based analyses, and energy dissipation are included on this page.


System Engineering

and Laboratories


SEAL Corporation is another traffic accident reconstruction firm which provides services to lawyers and accident victims. Their main specialty seems to be the use of video technology to accumulate evidence from the accident scene which could ultimately lead to accurate analysis and reconstruction of the accident. This particular page discusses this technology and provides links to further information about accident reconstruction.


Stephin A. Estrin

and Company, Inc.


This is a web site for a company which conducts research into accident reconstruction and auto safety. The site is well organized; a quick view of the topics listed on this page should entice you to click on their "Site Contents" link and browse some more.


National Highway

Traffic Safety



This is an excellent site (!!) for beginning a web search on traffic accidents. The focus on the site is accident reduction and traffic safety. The site contains a wealth of links (and direct information) to sites where much useful information can be obtained. Use the site as a starting place to navigate to other sites.


Basics of Accident


and Reconstr'n

A law firm which specializes in traffic reconstruction gave a talk at a conference. This site provides and outline of the talk on Accident Reconstruction. Their is not much information to be obtained from the outline. However, it does provide an idea of what major themes are important to accident reconstructionists. Finally, it should be nmoted that the site is often very busy and can occassionally result in slow service and delivery.


The Bureau of

Transp'n Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation operates an online National Transportation Library. The site allows you to conduct a key-word search. The site also serves as a useful starting point for acquiring useful online articles related to highway safety.



for Highway and

Auto Safety



A public interest group operates this site and provides a wealth of information related to auto safety. Navigate to this site and search for some excellent info/facts about seat belts, bumpers, motorcycle helmets, speed limit issues, drinking/driving, and other safety features. Be sure to visit the "Press Room" for useful news.





The U.S. Department of Transportation provides info on a range of technological advances, some of which relate to highway safety. Navigate to this site and scan through the listing of topics for information on highway and auto safety features (some of which are futuristic in nature).


GBS Multimedia

Physics Studios



Lastly, but not leastly, here at our GBS web site is a wealth of information on car crashes. Animations of a variety of car crashes are shown with an accompanying analysis and discussion. Links to further information are given. Interactive Physics animations are also available in the form of a QuickTime movie. The site is still under construction and thus will include more and more animations as you continue to return. If you can't find something relevant to your project here, then we feel sorry for you.



REC-TEC is an accident reconstruction company with an exceptionally informative web site. There a on-line papers (excellent!!) on a variety of relevant topics, a downloadable software program (PC), links to various accident reconstruction sites, and links to government sites pertaining to the topic.



Reconstruction Ring

The WebRing is an innovative internet concept. This organization collects addresses of sites pertaining to certain topics. You can browse through several sites in the ring which have registered with the organization under the specific topic heading. Choose the Accident Reconstruction Ring and enjoy some useful browsing to various sites in the ring.


Accident Invest'n

Manual for

Patrol Officers


Here is an online manual written for police investigators to assist in the analysis of traffic accidents. The manual is both understandable and technical. It is highly supported by on-line graphics. Only a portion of the manual is offered on the Web; the rest is easily downloadable for off-line viewing. At least give this page a glance (at the minimum).


Insurance Institute

for Highway Safety

The IIHS is a consumer-oriented web site which offers scientific information on your topic. The IIHS offers information on crash tests, vehicle safety and research, air bag and bumper research, fatality facts and other highway safety statistics, and a question/answer section. Spend some time at this site to acquire useful information.

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