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Roller Coaster Construction Project 

A Fourth Quarter Great America Preparation Project


This year's Roller Coaster construction project can be checked online. Numerical values calculated during the design phase can be checked at the following page:

Hill Analysis - You must do this before any other analysis!

Turn Analysis

Loop Analysis


Non-GBS students and teachers can look at the set-up of those pages but are discouraged from using them. Their use by others will slow down our servers and make them inaccessible by our students. Plans are under way to load the pages at an external site and made available to non-GBS students.







Projects from Former Years

In past years, students in GBS Physics 163 course have conducted quarter projects in which they investigated the application of physics to various aspects of life (roller coasters, auto collisions, sailing, space science, sports, musical instruments, etc.). During the 1999-2000 school year, this approach was replaced by the participation in the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. Because the project pages from former years are widely used by others outside of GBS, they have been kept online and can be accessed from another page.

First Quarter Projects: Tin Pan Alley Overview | Tin Pan Alley Rubric | Highway Patrol Overview | Highway Patrol Rubric | Falling Bodies Overview | Falling Bodies Rubric | Interactive Physics Overview | Interactive Physics Rubric | Yellow Light

Second Quarter Projects: Interactive Physics Project Overview | Interactive Physics Project Rubric | Potentially Elastic Project Overview | Potentially Elastic Project Rubrics | Momentum Conservation Project Overview | Momentum Conservation Project Rubric | Egg Drop Project | Rube Goldberg Project | VideoWorks Project

End of Year Projects: Overview of Year-End Projects | Scoring Rubric | Project Timeline | Lab Report Guidelines | Project Pitfalls | Collaboration Page | Resource Page

The Physics of Musical Instruments | The Physics of Automobile Collisions and Automobile Safety | The Physics of Planetary Motion | The Physics of Sports | The Physics of Amusement Parks and Roller Coasters | Sight and Sound in Nature | ET: Extraterestrial Life | Special Relativity | The Physics of Sailing | Physics and Chemistry of Astronomy | The Physics of Optical Instruments and Optical Illusions | The Physics of Springs and Spring-like Systems | The Physics of Flight

See Exemplars posted on The Refrigerator

Other online resources: The Physics Classroom | Multimedia Physics Studio



The GBS Physics staff invite you to send electronic mail:

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