Unit 1 Extra Credit

Either print this page and complete or (better yet) neatly show your answers on a separate page of paper. All work (calculations, etc.) must be shown to receive credit.

1. Use the graph to answer the following questions.

  1. What is the acceleration at 10.0 seconds? PSYW __________


  2. What is the acceleration at 50.0 seconds? PSYW __________


  3. Find the distance traveled during the first 20.0 seconds. PSYW __________


  4. Find the displacement during the first 100.0 seconds. PSYW __________


  5. Find the displacement from 30.0 seconds to 40.0 seconds. PSYW __________



2. A car is traveling 10.0 m/s at a time of 0.00 seconds. The car accelerates at a uniform rate to a speed of 50.0 m/s in a time of 5.00 seconds.

  1. Sketch a velocity-time graph for this motion. Clearly label the axes.

  2. What is the acceleration of the car? PSYW ____________


  3. What is the average velocity of the car? PSYW ____________


  4. What distance is traveled during the first 5.00 second interval? PSYW __________


  5. What distance is traveled during the first second? PSYW ____________



Resources for physics students are available through links on the GBS Physics Home Page. Such resources include the Multimedia Physics Studios (a collection of animations and movies which illustrate key physics concepts) and The Physics Classroom (an online tutorial written in an easy-to-understand language).

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