Physics 163

Unit 4: Momentum and Collisions

Problem Set B


Problem 10:

Two billiard balls of equal mass collide while moving in opposite directions. Ball A is moving northward with a speed of 2.63 m/s when it collides with ball B moving southwards at 1.13 m/s. After the collision, ball B is moving northwards with a speed of 2.13 m/s. Determine the post-collision speed of ball A. Enter a negative value for a southward velocity and a positive value for a northward velocity. (Avoid rounding until the final answer is determined.) 








General nformation about solving collision problems is described on the Set B Overview page.

A detailed description of the momentum conservation principle is provided online at The Physics Classroom.

Detailed solutions and discussions of several sample momentum problems are provided online at The Physics Classroom.


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