Physics 163

Unit 1: One-Dimensional Kinematics

Problem Set A


Problem #2:

A rightward moving car slams on the brakes and slows down from 31.2 m/s to 4.9 m/s in 3.87 seconds. Determine the average acceleration of the car.




This problem involves a straight-forward calculation of acceleration using the velocity change to time ratio. If you're having difficulties with this problem, you'll likely find the rest of the set very difficult. It is suggested that you first read about the topic using either your textbook or the available online materials.

If you are not having difficulty with the rest of the problem set but are still missing this question, then the likely error you are making pertains to the sign on acceleration. The velocity change is calculated by subtracting the initial value from the final value. This process will yield a negative value for velocity change and thus a negative value for acceleration.


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