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The Physics 163 Internet Problems assignments are intended to provide students with opportunities to individually apply problem-solving strategies to current topics in order to better internalize the mathematical relationships and improve problem-solving skills. The emphasis on the problem sets is to provide students with individual practice.

Many Physics 163 students occassionally or regularly have difficulty getting started on a problem or simply get stuck once they have started. For such students, there is a need for help in order for them to sustain the individual application of problem-solving in Physics. The Audio Help section is intended to meet that need for individual help in order to get a student started or un-stuck. Each problem set is accompanied by a collection of audio files for strategicly chosen problems. The audio files provide explanations, suggestions, hints, diagrams and at times animations for solving the problems. The ultimate goal is to help students become more confident of their problem-solving habits and more independent in their approach to problem sets. The links below lead to the Audio Help pages.

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Unit 1: One Dimensional Kinematics

Average Velocity and Acceleration Equations

Problem Set A

Position-Time Plots

Problem Set B

Velocity-Time Plots

Problem Set C


Unit 2: Newton's Laws of Motion

Mass vs. Weight and Simple Fnet = m•a Problems

Problem Set A

Free-Body Diagrams and Fnet = m•a Word Problems

Problem Set B

Systematic Overview of Newton's Laws

Problem Set C


Unit 3: Motion in Two-Dimensions

Vector Addition and Resolution Problems

Problem Set A

Relative Velocity and Riverboat Problems

Problem Set B

Horizontally Launched Projectiles

Problem Set C

Non-Horizontally Launched Projectiles

Problem Set D

Equilibrium, Inclined Planes and Forces at Angles

Problem Set E


Unit 4: Momentum and Collisions

Impulse-Momentum-Change Relationships

Problem Set A

Momentum Conservation Problems

Problem Set B


Unit 5: Work and Energy

Work, Power, KE and PE Equations

Problem Set A

Straight-forward Work-Energy Problems

Problem Set B

Work-Energy Theorem with KE and PE Calculations

Problem Set C


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