Describing Motion With Words - Intro

Additional Physics Resources

The following resources are intended to assist in learing basic physics principles. Additional resources for physics students are available at The Physics Classroom and the Multimedia Physics Studios.

Graphing Practice


A multitude of problems (37) involving the analysis and interpretation of position-time and velocity-time graphs. Each problem is accompanied by an answer and an explanation, both of which are hidden in a pop-up text field. CAUTION: long download time.


Recognizing Forces


Seven physical situations are described and students are requested to recognize the presence or absence of a variety of forces based on the given descriptions. Coincides with problems on pp. 15-17 of the Unit 2 Packet.


Vector Direction


Consists of 11 different problems involving the identification of the magnitude and direction of a vector from a scaled vector diagram. Coincides with problems on pp. 3-4 of the Unit 3 Packet. Answers are given.


Vector Addition


Consists of 12 problems involving the head-to-tail addition of two vectors. Students are to use an accurately drawn scaled vector diagram to determine the resultant. Coincides with problems on pp. 9-10 of the Unit 3 Packet. Answers (with diagrams) are given.


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