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Anyone and everyone can use the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. Logging on is an easy process and registration information is not needed. Originally created to be used by Glenbrook South students with a restricted database, the Minds On Physics Internet Modules can now be used by anyone without the need for a database or registration.

The Minds On Physics (MOP) Internet Modules provide an ideal means for a physics student to prepare for a quiz or review for a test. The modules deliver questions, give immediate correct-incorrect feedback and provide an exhaustive collection of help specific to each question. The modules are forgiving and allow for multiple tries without penalty. If you are a student wishing to use MOP to further your learning, then take the time to read the Directions page and begin. You will find that it will take just a few minutes of reading before you are MOP-ping it up.

The Minds On Physics Internet Modules also provide a means for a teacher to assign homework and check that students have completed it. Modules, which include broad topics such as Momentum and Collisions or Sound and Music, are broken down into subtopics which target one or two specific objectives. See Topics and Objectives pages. Each subtopic is referred to as a sublevel. Teachers can assign sublevels as homework assignments and check to see that students have completed the assigned work. The checking of work is done using an encrypted success code system and a provided Decryption page. Since success codes are created using student name and ID information (and some other variables which no one will ever know about), every student will have a different success code for each sublevel. The success codes must be accurately written down by a student once a sublevel is completed. Record keeping pages are provided for students to write down the codes. These codes can then be collected by the teacher and checked using the Decryption page. Teachers who are interested in using MOP to make assignments and award credit can read more about the process on the Teacher Page.



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