Physics 173 Makeup Labs

The following links lead to lab sheets for makeup labs. The makeup labs can be printed out, filled out, and return to the teacher. In certain instances, you may be required to provide a separate lab report on your own notebook paper. Many of the labs require that you use computer resources located on the school server. In some instances, you may be required to use the school's internet connection to access online resources. There is a specific quantity of time allotted for each makeup lab. Students are required to complete the lab in the specified amount of time. Online resources for assisting with the completion of makeup labs include:

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Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics

Physics 500

Name That Motion

Incline Acceleration

Sonic Ranger

The Two Stage Rocket

Graph That Motion


Unit 2: Vectors and Projectile Motion

Where Am I?

Apple IIe Vector Addition (do the same activity as done in class; check the answers on the Web)

Vector Addition Lab

Vector Components Lab

The River Boat

Butterdish Physics

Recognizing Common Forces (do the same activity as done in class; check the answers on the Web)

Comparing Magnitudes of Forces (do the same activity as done in class)


Unit 3: Newton's Laws of Motion

The Bird and the Ball

Horizontally Launched Projectiles

Non- Horizontally Launched Projectiles

Falling Bodies

Interactive Physics Simulations: "The Two Chalenges"

Recognizing and Interpreting Free-Body Diagrams

Sliding Friction

Terminal Velocity

Force Table

Eat at Ed's

Interactive Physics Simulations: "Systems and Newton's Laws"

Newton's Second Law Verification - no available makeup; do class lab before or after school.


Unit 4:Circular Motion

Uniform Circular Motion

Centripetal Force

Kepler's Third Law

Sensei Physics Gravitation

Interactive Physics Simulations: Gravitation and Satellite Motion

Mass Lab


Unit 5: Electrostatics

Static Electricity - Part 1 (pp. 1-5)

Static Electicity - Part 2 (pp. 5-9)

Static Electricity - Part 3 (pp. 9-16)

NOTE: Part 2 of the Static Electricity Lab and Part 3 of the Static Electricity Lab share the same makeup labs. If you mised both Part 2 of the Static Electricity Lab and Part 3 of the Static Electricity Lab, then you will have to do the makeup lab mentioned for the Part 2 of the Static Electricity Lab and this makeup lab.
Static Electricity - Part 4 (pp. 16-21)

Electric Fields

Coulomb's Hair Experiment


Unit 6: Work and Energy

It's All Uphill

Work Energy Lab

(Note: The It's All Uphill Lab and the Work-Energy Lab share the same makeup lab. Thus, if you must make them both up, then do the makeup lab linked by the above link and do this writing assignment)
Pendulum Lab

Energy of a Pendulum

Air Track and Energy

How Powerful are You?


Unit 7: Momentum

Three Stage Human Rocket

Momentum in a Collision


The Ice Skater

Momentum and/or Energy Conservation

Collisions in 2-Dimensions


Unit 8: Reflection and Mirrors

Images, Images, Images

Reflection from a Plane Mirror

Reflection from a Right Angle Mirror

Images Formed by a Concave Mirror


Unit 9: Refraction and Lenses

Refraction Effects

Refraction Laboratory

Geometric Lens Optics

Images Formed by a Converging Lens


Unit 10: Waves

Mechanical Snake

Verifying v=f*lambda

Standing Wave Lab

Wave Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction

Young's Experiment

Young's Corollary

(Note: if you missed both the Young's Experiment and Young's Corollary labs, then you will have to do the Young's Experiment makeup lab and this writing assignment.)

Thin Films Lab


Unit 11: Sound and Color

Air Column Lab

Physics of Music - Parts 1 - 3

Physics of Music - Parts 4 and 5



Unit 12: Electric Circuits

Circuit Labs - Sections 1 - 4
If you have missed a section of any of the circuit labs (Tupperware labs utilizing the capacitorslight bulbs, hand generators and battery packs), then do one of the following makeups assignments to replace whatever sections which you missed.
Energy Changes in Circuits
Brainstorming Electricity


Voltage-Resistance-Current Relationship

Sparky the Electrician Lab - Part B


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