Brainstorming Electricity

Materials: None

Time Allotment: 2 Class Days



This makeup lab is unique from most others in that it does not actually involve a laboratory exercise. Rather, this makeup lab involves the completion of a writing assignment which demonstrates your understanding of the energy transformations which occur in circuits.The purpose of this activity is to utilize group brainstorming techniques and writing skills to review concepts and principles from our Static Electricity and Current Electricity units. The final product will be several well-written paragraph which succinctly summarize major electricity (noth static and current) concepts and principles.



1. Generate a list of concepts and principles discussed in both electricity units. Utilize your book, your packet, and your class notes to generate such a list. List words and phrases which capture key concepts and principles from the units; where appropriate, make a note which explains the meaning of the words and/or phrases.

2. Collect as many terms and phrases as possible. The list should contain at least 30 words and/or phrases. Record the list in a notebook, on a separate sheet of paper, or on the back of this sheet.

3. Select at least 20 words or phrases from among the list, infer the relationship between such phrases, and write a coherent, well-organized, logical piece of writing incorporating the words/phrases you select. Use some of these transitional words where appropriate in the paragraph(s):



in addition

for example


as a result of



in contrast to

in order to



Before submitting, scan through your paragraph(s) and underline the key words/phrases which you included in your writing. In your writing, use complete sentences and the language of physics. The assignment should be less than 1 page long and no more than 3 pages long.


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