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Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics Problems

1-D Practice Set

Unit 2: Vectors and Newton's Laws Problems

Vectors and Newton's Laws Practice Set

Unit 3: Newton's Laws Applications Problems

Newton's Laws Applications Practice Set

Unit 4: Circular and Planetary Motion Problems

Circular and Planetary Motion Practice Set

Unit 5: Energy Problems

Energy Problems Practice Set

Unit 6: Momentum Problems

Momentum Problems Practice Set

Unit 7: Static Electricity and Electric Field Problems

Static Electricity and Electric Field Problems Practice Set

Unit 8: Current Electricity Problems

Current Electricity Problems Practice Set

Unit 9: Wave Behavior Problems

Wave Behavior Problems Practice Set

Unit 10: Wave Application Problems

Wave Applications Practice Set

Unit 11: Refl/Refr Problems

Reflection Problems Practice Set

Unit 12: Refraction Problems



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