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This course will involve a high interaction with web-based materials. The resources readily available are shown in the column at left. You will need to access these different items in order to complete the assigned tasks. Take note of the following:
  1. The calendar schedules are approximate. They will give you an idea of where we are in any individual unit. Notice the test date. This should be within a day or two at the most of when we will complete a unit.

  2. Check your own internet credit to make sure your responses are recorded as they should be. It is your responsibility that your records reflect the credit you deserve when the deadline passes.

  3. Makeup quizzes are activated at specific times. They are generally activated early in a unit of study. You may begin and/or finish them at any time when they are active.

  4. Unit review answers are always available. They correlate to the review sheet at the end of each unit in your packet.

  5. The Physics Classroom is a compilation of all the concepts that are covered in this class. This is a set of instructional pages written in an easy-to-understand language.

  6. The multimedia physics studios are a great resource to visualize the physics concepts we discuss in class. Look these over and bring in your questions.

  7. Extra credit opportunities are always available and can be completed each quarter. Up to 50 points per quarter will be accepted towards improving your grade.

  8. Make-up labs are available for students who are absent. Consult with your teacher if you miss a laboratory experience and are unable to come in outside of class to make it up.


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