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Policy on Late Work and Make-up Work

Your homework and lab assignments in this course are designed to help you to learn. You will maximize your learning if you complete the work immediately following class coverage of the material. Most homework is submitted online. All lab work is handed in on paper in class. Due dates for work are always stated in class and usually written on the board. A schedule is posted on the internet which is usually (but not always) kept up-to-date. Thus, there is no excuse for not knowing about a due date. Even if you miss Tuesday's class, you should know what is due on Thursday and be able to meet the deadline. The following guidelines concerning the submission of assignments have been adopted.

1. Electronic submission of Reading Sheet answers must be done by 7 am on the due date. If a technical problem is the cause of the inability to submit work, then the student must visit the Physics office to submit using a school computer. Such late submissions must be done by 8 am to be excussed; an email or brief (very brief) note identifying the cause of lateness helps to inform the teacher to look for the late submission. Paper submissions occuring before 8 am will be excused provided the student gives a reason for the lateness. Answers to Reading Sheets are provided in class; submissions occuring after the first class of the day are considered unexcused and worth 0 points.

2. Internet Problem Sets cover two or more class days. The set of 15-21 problems is broken up into groups of five to 10 problems. These groups of problems must be submitted by their individual deadlines. A grade will not be assigned until the final deadline for the problem set. If technical difficulties prevent a student from meeting this last deadline, an extension is usually allotted if the earlier deadlines have been met. Requests for extensions must be made immediately. A student will never be penalized because of a faulty internet connection. On the other hand, a student who grossly procrastinates the submission of the problem set and then has a faulty internet connection on the last evening will not receive an extension (because of the procrastination).

3. There are Minds On Physics modules for nearly every unit. These modules are usually due at the end of the unit. Class time is allotted for the completion of the modules. If the module is not completed in the allotted time, then a student must complete the work on school computers (or at home if it works) on their own time. Extensions are rarely granted.

4. Lab work is usually collected on the day following the lab. Failure to complete/submit the work on time will result in at least a 30% penalty. Failure to complete/submit the work prior to the time that it is graded and returned will result in a score of 0.


An Important Note About Missed Labs:

Students who miss labs will have an opportunity to complete a makeup lab. Each lab in this course has a corresponding makeup version. Since labs are discussed on the same day or the day after they are performed, it would not be fair to all students to have an absentee sit in on the post-lab discussion and write down all the correct answers. For this reason, students who miss lab work must do the alternative lab as a makeup. A list of all labs for this course and their corresponding makeup activity are listed on the World Wide Web ( If you miss a lab, then it is your responsibility to obtain and print the makeup version and follow the given directions in order to complete the makeup lab on time. In general, late submissions will not be accepted. Students who procrastinate or are ignorant of this policy will not receive extensions.



Survival Packet Contents:

[ Cover Page | Course Description | Grading Policy | Policy on Late Work and Makeup Work | The Be Attitudes | Problem Solving Tips | Graphical Analysis of Data | Henderson's Incomplete List of Frequently Used Abbreviations ]



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