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The Be Attitudes 


1. Be Present

You need to make every effort to come to class everyday. If you are absent on the day of a test, then you will take the make-up test (which is always harder). If you are absent on the day of a lab, then you will have to do a make-up lab (see Policy on Late Work and Make-up Work). If you miss a lecture/demonstration, then you have forfeited one of the sole opportunities to see physical principles presented with visual reinforcement. Merely getting the notes is no substitute for your presence in class on a daily basis.


2. Be Prompt

It's simple: class begins when the bell rings and your teacher keeps track of tardees. If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, then you will be marked tardy. If you arrive late, then please enter with minimal disruption. The school's tardee policy will be strictly administered. If you need to discuss your tardiness, then please approach me after class.


3. Be Ready

You will need to bring the following materials to class everyday: syllabus, textbook, calculator, notebook and a writing utensil.


4. Be Attentative

Your success in this course will depend partially on your ability to listen carefully and internalize concepts. You are expected to be attentative when your teacher is talking. During labs, you are expected to attend to the directions and your observations; students who cause disruptions of other lab groups will be given a 0-score for a lab.


5. Be Orderly

Disorderly conduct, rough-housing, and any other form of childish/disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in this classroom. You are expected to act your age . Appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken whenever such misbehaviors occur.


6. Be Responsible

We will spend a considerable amount of time doing lab work. Our labs will run most smoothly if you are responsible with the equipment and return it to its original location. By so doing, students in other sections throughout the day will have access to the same equipment. If you happen to accidentally damage some equipment or use up all the material, then please notify the teacher so that he/she can replace it.


7. Be Grammatical

Your success in this course will depend partially upon your ability to write clearly using complete sentences. You will often be asked to formulate a written response to a question or problem. Your teacher has the weakness of being able to understand only complete sentences. Thus, always write using complete sentences.




Survival Packet Contents:

[ Cover Page | Course Description | Grading Policy | Policy on Late Work and Makeup Work | The Be Attitudes | Problem Solving Tips | Graphical Analysis of Data | Henderson's Incomplete List of Frequently Used Abbreviations ]



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