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Studying Suggestions for Unit 6 Quiz #1 

The first Unit 7 quiz will be on Friday, May 10. The quiz will be a one-page quiz, covering both sides of a sheet of paper. No equations will be provided. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. Students should be able to identify the direction of a vector using the CCW from east convention and other common conventions.

    || Vectors and Direction ||


  2. Students should be able to use the geometric method of vector addition and scaled vector diagrams to add two vectors and determine the resultant; know the meaning of the resultant as the sum of all vectors.

    || Vector Addition || Resultants ||


  3. Students should understand the significance of a vector component and utilize trigonometric functions to determine component values for any given vector; they should be able to add two or more vectors and determine the resultant by using an understanding of components.

    || Vector Components || Vector Resolution ||


  4. Students should understand the concept of relative velocity and use the concept to solve river boat problems.

    || Relative Velocity and Riverboat Problems ||






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