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Instructions for Completing the Reading Sheets:

Reading Sheets are found in your packet. The questions are based on the identified section of reading. You will use the WebAssign web site to complete all reading sheets. You are responsible for answering all Forced-Choice questions and Think and Explain questions online. Answers to other questions (for example, Diagramming questions) should be brought to class. The answers must be submitted by 8:00 am the day of class. The answers will be reviewed and used to guide the class discussion. Give honest answers and be thorough in your explanations.


About the Reading Sheets:

The Reading Sheets may be one of the least liked of all online activities. They're a little bit like good medicine - it's not necessarily enjoyable but it will do your physics health a wealth of good. The Reading Sheet questions are designed to force you to think about a topic before it is discussed in class. Since questions are designed to force thinking, they are often difficult. At times, you will accuse them of being vague or confusing. Think your way through such questions, making multiple references to the book to ponder the meaning of what it is saying. Answer thoroughly and elaborate on your answers.

As you enter class, you will have done a wealth of thinking about some of the details of the topic. This primes your brain for learning. You are welcome (and even encouraged) to discuss questions with classmates; but the activity will only benefit you (and the class) if you do your own reading, thinking, and writing. You will have only one chance to submit your answers online at the WebAssign web site. You will not receive immediate feedback concerning the correctness of the answers. Answers and explanations will have to wait until class.

The grading of Reading Sheet answers is somewhat automated. Feedback is provided only after the submission deadline. Grades are assigned based on the number of correct answers and the quality of your written responses. Since the topic has not been discussed, grades on Reading Sheets are generously assigned, providing a reward for doing the reading and completing the assignment.


Responding to Technical Problems:

Occasionally, there are problems associated with your Internet connection or access from home which hinders your ability to submit answers by the 8 am deadline. If the submission process does not seem to be working, then waste no more time. Instead, see me before school in Room 368 (Science Office). We will spend about 3-5 minutes entering the data on one of our school's computers. Submission of answers must be done before 8 am. After 8 am, the answers to Reading Sheets have already been discussed and submissions are no longer credited towards your score. Paper copies of answers are never collected after the 8 am deadline.


 Visit WebAssign.


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