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About the CD-ROM


Who can obtain the CD and how?

All Audio Help files consist of recorded voice files saved in digital format. The audio files are lengthy files and do require a considerable length of time to download from our server, especially when using a dial-up connection. Because of this, the files have been placed on a CD-ROM. Students are encouraged to acquire a CD version of the audio help section of this site. Glenbrook South students can acquire a CD free of charge by simply requesting one from their teacher.


What are the benefits of the CD?

The use of the CD will save considerable time in accessing the files as well as relieve the Glenbrook South web server from the burden of delivering the file. When using the CD version of this site, students can use the audio files without a live internet connection. There are no complicated tricks to doing this; it works much like it would work if you were using the audio files over the internet. (Of course, without the internet connection, the links to web pages such as The Physics Classroom page and the ChemPhys course pages will not work.) You can use the CD in this way to determine answers to a paper-copy version of your problem set and to submit answers to the database at a later time when you have a live internet connection.

You can also choose to access the audio files from the CD while using a live internet connection. This allows you to save time in accessing the audio files while still maintaining the capability of submitting answers to the online databases. If you chose to use the CD in this manner, then it is recommended that you have two browser windows open at a time. One window can be designated for the playing of the audio help files while the other window can be designated to contain your problem set page with answer fields which can be submitted to the database server. With a live internet connection, you will also be able to access The Physics Classroom tutorial help pages which are referenced by the audio files.


How the CD is organized? How can I find files on the CD?

When using the CD version of this site, students can use the audio files without a live internet connection. Simply open a browser window without connecting to the internet; then open the home.html file found on the CD (choose File/Open ... and navigate through the directory information to the listing of files on the CD).

Directory Dialogue Box for CD as Seen on a Macintosh Computer


Directory Dialogue Box for CD as Seen on a Windows Computer


Once the home page for the Audio Help section of the site is opened off the CD, all links to Audio Help pages will be to the files contained on the CD. Thus, the finding of files on the CD is done in the same user-friendly manner as it is on the internet.



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