Unit 7 Calendar

1999-2000 School Year

The following calendar provides an estimation of our progress in Unit 7 of Regular Physics. There is no guarantee that we will follow every detail of this calendar - it is merely an approximation. The assumption is that you will be attending class (and listening) such that you will know exactly where we are at in this unit. This calendar will be most useful if you use the links (when available) to connect to various parts of our online physics resources.







Discuss Galilean vs. Special Relativity; Postulates 1 and 2; The light clock thought exp.; dribbling demo; "c"

It's All Relative (pp. 1-2)

Assign Jigsaw Reading of 15:7-8, 16:1, 16:2, and 16:3-4 with assoc'd questions

HW:Do assigned jigsaw reading reading, RQs, TEs, TSs


Discuss SpaceTime; Time dilation; the Twin Trip; Time Travel; Simultaneity

Small groups - discussion and preparation; check RQs, TEs

Twin Trip (p. 3)

HW: Time Dilation (pp. 5-6); Supp. Challenges


Discuss RQs and TEs

Jigsaw Present'ns/Answer Questions

(time dilation; twin trip; length contraction; relativistic mass)

Pick up "lose ends"

HW: Read 17.1-4 and 17:7-8; p. 250, RQ#14, 17, 21


Review HW - pp. 5-6

Length Contraction (pp. 7-8)

Supp. Challenges

HW: Prepare for Unit 6-7 Quest


Planets, Space and Time Quest

Start Unit 8: discuss Atomic Structure, Charge, and Charging; Demos

HW: Read 32:1-2; p. 515, RQ#1-10; bring Unit 8 Packet

Additional resources for physics students are available through links on the GBS Physics Home Page. Such resources include the Multimedia Physics Studios (a collection of animations and movies which illustrate key physics concepts) and The Physics Classroom (an interactive, online tutorial covering physics topics traditionally taught in a first-year high school physics course).

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