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Henderson's Regular Physics Quizzes

(1998-99 School Year)


Suggestions for this week's quiz (Unit 8 Quiz#1):

This week's quiz on Unit 8 material is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 10. The quiz will likely be a one- to two-page quiz, covering both sides of the first sheet of paper and the front side of the second sheet of paper (i.e., three sides); you might consider it to be more of a "quest" than a quiz. The equation for Coulomb's Law, the value of Coulomb's constant and the value for the charge of an electron will be given. Other than a calculator, no other helps will be provided nor allowed. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. Use an understanding of atomic structure to describe how objects can become charged either positively or negatively and explain how the law of conservation of charge applies to situations in which objects become charged.
  2. Use the fundamental rule that like charges repel and opposite charges attract to conduct tests to verify that an object is positively or negatively charged; to apply this fundamental rule to explain electrical phenomenon. See the Multimedia Physics Studios.
  3. Identify the Coulomb as a unit of charge and relate the quantity of charge on an object to the number of excess or deficient electrons; and use it as a guide to making qualitative predictions of the effect of one variable (quantity of charge and distance) and to solving simple computational problems using Coulomb's law
  4. Distinguish between conductors and insulators; identify and describe the three methods of charging objects (friction, contact, and induction); use an understanding of conductors and insulators to explain in terms of electrons what happens when objects are charged by friction, contact, and induction or grounded by touching. See the Multimedia Physics Studios.
  5. Use the concept of polarization to explain how neutral, uncharged objects and charged objects can be attracted to one another.
  6. Use electrostatic concepts to explain the variety of elctrical phenomenon observed in the various labs and demonstrations performed in class. See the Multimedia Physics Studios.
  7. Describe what lightning is and explain the usefulness of lightning rods.


Sample Quizzes (Unit 8 Quiz):

There are four sample quizzes currently available. The Unit 8 Quiz#1 samples will most closely resemble this week's quiz. The Unit 8 Quiz#2 samples contains some material which we no longer cover in class - electric fields, electric potential and electrical energy. Other than the presence of questions pertaining to these topics, the Quiz#2 samples would make for worthy review. You can view the four sample quizzes by using the following links:

Quiz#1 (1991)

Quiz#1 (1995)

Quiz#2 (1993)

Quiz#2 (1996)

In addition to the above quizzes, perhaps your best review for the Unit 8 Quest is to review some of the animations and accompanying material at the Multimedia Physics Studios.


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