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Henderson's Regular Physics Quizzes

(1997-98 School Year)


Suggestions for this week's quiz (Unit 6, Quiz #2):

This week's mini-quiz on Unit 6 material is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 15. The quiz will be a one-page quiz, covering both sides of a single sheet of paper. The equations for net force, frictional force, gravitational force, speed and acceleration for circular motion, and balanced torques will be provided. Other than a calculator, no other helps will be provided nor allowed. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. An understanding of the motion characteristics of satellites, including the concept that a satellite is an object in free-fall which is acted upon solely by the force of gravity (see Chapters 14.1 - 14.4 of Hewitt book).
  2. An understanding of the concept of weightlessness and the distinction between weight and feelings of weightlessness.
  3. An understanding of torque, rotational inertia, and rotation and to use this understanding to explain a variety of phenomena (see Chapters 11.1 - 11.5 of Hewitt book).
  4. An understanding of balanced torque and an ability to use the torque equation (torque = F*d) to make predictions about the relative location of a force or the quantity of force required for equilibrium to be maintained.
  5. An understanding of the concept of center of mass and its application to explaining a variety of physical phenomenon, including rotational wobble, toppling, and balance and stability (see Chapters 10.1 - 10.5 of Hewitt book).
  6. An understanding of major concepts discussed in earlier units during this semester. Studying suggestions for those unit quizzes can be accessed through the following links.
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Sample Quizzes (Unit 6, Quiz #2):

Sorry! There are no sample quizzes currently available.


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