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Henderson's Regular Physics Quizzes

(1997-98 School Year)


Suggestions for this week's quiz (Unit 4, Quiz #1):

This week's quiz on Unit 4 material is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 24. The quiz will be a one-page quiz, covering both sides of a single sheet of paper. The equations for momentum, impulse and momentum change theorem, net force, frictional force, gravitational force and average acceleration will be provided. Other than a calculator, no other helps will be provided nor allowed. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. An understanding of the concept of momentum as the quantity of motion which an object has and its distinction with inertia as the amount of resistance which an object offers to an unbalanced force.
  2. An ability to use the momentum equation to perform some rather simple computations.
  3. An understanding of the impulse-momentum change theorem and the ability to use it to calculate one of the four important collision parameters (force, time, mass, and velocity-change).
  4. A qualitative understanding of the impulse-momentum change theorem and the ability to use it to predict (both qualitatively and quantitatively) the effect of a change in one variable (e.g., the doubling of the time) upon another variable.
  5. An ability to relate Newton's three laws (particularly the second and the third) to a description of a collision and to compare the forces and accelerations between objects in a collision.
  6. An ability to use momentum conservation principles to compute the after-collision velocity of an object if given pre-collision information; and to qualitatively predict the effect of an increase (or decrease) in the amount of mass in motion upon the subsequent velocity of an object.
  7. An understanding of major concepts discussed in earlier units during this semester. Studying suggestions for those unit quizzes can be accessed through the following links.
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Sample Quizzes (Unit 4, Quiz #1):

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