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Unit 3, Quiz #3

1. Three pictures of equal weight (20 N) are hung by wires in three different orientations. In which orientation is the tension in the wires the least? Circle the correct answer and explain your reasoning using complete sentences.

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Equilibrium and Statics (23 seconds)


2. Forces of 5 N and 12 N act at right angles on a point. The magnitude of their resultant in N is

a. 7

b. 11

c. 13

d. 17

e. 60

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Addition of Forces (19 seconds)


3. The resultant of a number of concurrent forces which are in equilibrium

  1. depends on the angles between them
  2. depends on the number of forces
  3. depends on magnitudes and angles
  4. depends on all three (a,b, & c)
  5. is zero

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Equilibrium and Statics (23 seconds)


4. Which one(s) of the following force diagrams depict an object moving to the right with constant speed? Write all possible answers (if any) in the blank: ________________

Explain your answer(s) to this question.

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The Big Misconception (9 seconds)

Equilibrium and Statics (23 seconds)



5. A force of 50 N acts upon an object at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. This single force would be equivalent to two forces with magnitudes and directions of approximately

  1. 25 N, right and 25 N, up
  2. 43 N, right and 7 N, up
  3. 43 N, left and 7 N, down
  4. 43 N, right and 25 N, up
  5. more than one of the above answers would be possible

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Resolution of Forces (22 seconds)


6. If an object is at equilibrium, then all the individual forces which act upon it must be equal.


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Equilibrium and Statics (23 seconds)


7. Use your understanding of force relationships and vector components to fill in the blanks in the following diagram and to determine the net force and acceleration of the object.

Fnet = ________________

a = __________________

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Net Force Problems Revisited (17 seconds)



8. Troy Ginometri, the 28-year old owner of the local floral shop, displays the sale of the month in the front window of his 2-story shop. The 4.0-kg flower pot (having a cricumference of 50-cm) is suspended by three ropes from the ceiling. The ropes make an angle of 30-degree with the vertical (i.e., a 60-degree angle with the horizontal). Determine the tension in one of the ropes. Begin with a clearly drawn sketch of a triangle depicting known information and proceed with the use of a trigonometric function and algebra to determine your answer. Partial credit is given only for work which is clearly organized and sensible. PSAYW


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Equilibrium and Statics (23 seconds)


9. A 0.50 kg soccer ball is kicked from the top of a 14.0-meter cliff with a horizontal speed of 28.0 m/s. What distance from the bottom of the cliff does the ball land? Please show your work in an organized fashion (listing known and unknown values) to receive partial and full credit.

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Horizontally Launched Projectiles - Problem-Solving (10 seconds)


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