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Henderson's Regular Physics Quizzes

(1997-98 School Year)


Suggestions for this week's quiz (Unit 13 Quiz #2):

This week's quiz on Unit 13 material is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 24. The quiz will be a one-page quiz, covering both sides of a single sheet of paper (or a little less). The equations for the magnification ratio and the mirror equation will be given. Students will need a protractor and ruler. Other than a calculator, no other helps will be provided nor allowed. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. Use ray diagrams to demonstrate the location of the image of an object in a concave or a convex mirror; identify the characteristics (enlarged or reduced in size, inverted or upright, virtual or real) of such images.
  2. Distinguish between virtual and real images in terms of their definitions and their observable characteristics.
  3. Use the mirror eqution and the magnification ratio in order to solve mathematical problems in which the image location and size are determined; to relate the results of one's calculations to the predictions which would be made by the use of a ray diagram.
  4. Explain what spherical aberration is and to discuss the cause of spherical aberration with both words and a diagram.
  5. Define refraction, discuss when it happens, and apply simple rules which predict the direction of refraction if given information (e.g., optical density, light speed, index of refraction values) about the two media on opposite sides of a boundary.
  6. Use Snell's law to quantitatively determine the amount of refraction (in terms of an angle of refraction) for light passing from one medium to another.
  7. An understanding of previous concepts from this unit (especially an ability to locate the image of an object in a plane mirror and to use a ray diagram to illustrate how an individual at a given eye location can view the image). Use the link below to see the Studying Suggestions for the previous quiz from this unit.

    Quiz #1

Sample Quizzes (Unit 13 Quiz):

There are a few sample quizzes currently available on the topics of spherical mirrors and refraction.

Quiz#2 (1995) (spherical mirrors only)

Quiz#2 (1994)

Quiz#2 (1996) (disregard questions #7 and #8)

Quiz#2 (1997) (disregard questions #6 - #8)



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