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Unit 13 Quiz#2


ni * sin (Thetai) = n r * sin (Thetar)


1. Medium 1 is more optically dense than medium 2. Construct the appropriate refracted ray in the diagram below in order to express your understanding about the direction light bends as it passes from one medium to another.

Useful Web Links

The Direction of Bending (20 seconds)


2. An incident ray is shown (below) traveling through air and approaching a boundary. The relative optical density for each medium is listed. Each media is more optically dense than air. The light ray will travel through all three media before finally emerging into the air on the other side (i.e., the left side of the diagram, not the bottom side). Sketch an approximate path for the light as it travels through all three media. Be sure to include an arrow on each ray. Label the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction for the light ray at each boundary (yes, at each boundary!).

Useful Web Links

The Direction of Bending (20 seconds)


3. Light is traveling through air (n=1.00) and is incident upon a water (n=1.33) surface. The incident ray is shown in the diagram at the right. Determine the angle of refraction. Finally draw the refracted ray on the diagram at the appropriate angle. PSYW

Useful Web Links

Snell's Law (10 seconds)

Ray Tracing and Problem-Solving (15 seconds)



4. Light traveling through air (n = 1.00) is incident upon a triangular block made of an unknown material. The path of the light through the material is shown in the diagram below. Using a protractor and a calculator, determine the index of refraction of the unknown material. To receive credit, show the necessary measurements on the diagram and show all your work.

Useful Web Links

The Angle of Refraction (6 seconds)

Determination of n Values (10 seconds)


5. Describe what happens at the boundary as the light exits the unknown material and explain why it happens. Use complete and well-written sentences.


Useful Web Links

The Secret of the Archer Fish (8 seconds)



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