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Henderson's Regular Physics Quizzes

(1999-2000 School Year)


Suggestions for this week's quiz (Unit 12 Quiz):

This week's quiz on Unit 12 material is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 14. The quiz will be a one-page quiz, covering both sides of a single sheet of paper. There will be no math on the quiz. No helps will be provided nor allowed. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. An understanding of the some basic misconceptions concerning light.
  2. An understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and visible light.
  3. An understanding of the polarization, the four methods of polarization and some basic applications of polarization principles. Review pp. 1-2 of your packet and the corresponding section and RQs of the Hewitt book.
  4. An ability to use the principle of selective absorption and selective transmission to explain why an object appears as it does. Review pp. 3-4 of your packet and Chapters 28.1-3 of the Hewitt book.
  5. An ability to apply the principles of color addition and color subtraction to explain the appearance of objects in the presence of different light colors. Review pp. 5-8 of your packet andthe corresponding sections of the Hewitt book.
  6. An understanding of light diffraction and the ability to apply it to an explanation of why the skies are blue and the sunsets are red. Review the corresponding sections of the Hewitt book.


There are no sample quizzes for this unit. Your best source of review is to use your packet or to study at The Physics Classroom.


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