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Unit 1 Quiz#1

Fill in the Blank:

1. A _________________ quantity is completely described by its magnitude.

2. A _________________ quantity has both magnitude and direction.

3. The velocity of an object at any given instant in time is known as the _________________ velocity.

4. The rate at which the velocity changes is known as the __________________.


Useful Web Links

Scalars and Vectors (3 seconds)

Distance and Displacement (6 seconds)

Speed and Velocity (8 seconds)

Acceleration (12 seconds)


Multiple Choice:

1. Which of the following represents a speed?

a. 6 m

b. 4 hr/km sec

c. 2 m/sec2

d. 8 m/sec

Useful Web Links

Speed and Velocity (8 seconds)


2. Which of the following represents an acceleration?

a. 16 m2/sec2

b. 4 hr/km sec

c. 8 km/hr

d. 2 m/sec2

Useful Web Links

Acceleration (12 seconds)


For Questions (3) and (4), consider the following sentence:

A boy walks 150 meters due east and then turns around and walks 30 meters due west.

3. The boy walked a distance of

a. 30 meters

b.150 meters

c. 120 meters

d. 180 meters


4. The boy's displacement is

a. 30 meters east

b.150 meters east

c. 120 meters east

d. 180 meters west

Useful Web Links

Distance and Displacement (6 seconds)


Problems and Short-Answer:

1. Seymour Butz views GBS football games from under the bleachers. He frequently paces back and forth to get the best views. The diagram below shows several of Seymour's positions and times. At each marked position, Seymour makes a "U-turn" and moves in the opposite direction. Study the diagram carefully, and answer the questions.

a. What is the distance walked by Seymour during the ten minutes? __________

b. What is Seymour's displacement during the ten minutes? __________

c. Calculate Seymour's average speed. PSYW


d. Calculate Seymour's average velocity. PSYW


Useful Web Links

Distance and Displacement (6 seconds)

Speed and Velocity (8 seconds)


2. Renatta Gass is traveling down Lake Avenue with a velocity of +20 m/s. Misfortune occurs, and Renatta's engine stops running. Renatta comes to rest 40 seconds later. Calculate Renatta's acceleration. PSYW

Useful Web Links

Acceleration (12 seconds)



3. Upon a recent visit to Mars, you run out of petrol for your spacecraft. So you order 28 grams of petrol. A Martian informs you that the unit system on Mars is different than on Earth. The Martian asks; "How many zooms of petrol do you need?" Use the following information to form conversion factors in order to calculate the amount of zooms of petrol you should order. Clearly show all conversion factors. PSYW

5 zings = 4 grams
2 warps = 3 zings
9 zooms = 5 warps



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