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General Suggestions for Studying:

The Quiz Room contains sample quizzes administered to Regular Physics students during recent years. Each online copy of a quiz also includes links to tutorial pages pertinent to the given question. These links are intended to allow a student to review and re-think concepts and principles which each question targets. To benefit most from this resource, students should practice the quiz (using the online links) and then begin to reflect upon each question and their understanding of each question. Some useful reflection questions include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • What concept(s), skill(s), or problem-type(s) are assessed by each question?
  • What concepts do I seem to have difficulty comprehending?
  • Why do I have difficulty comprehending a specific concept?
  • When I encountered difficulty with a problem, what strategy did I employ to achieve success?
  • What other questions might be asked to assess my understanding of a specific concept or problem-type?

A final suggestion involves acquiring the online Studying Suggestions for Upcoming Quiz and using these studying suggestions as a checklist in preparation for your quiz. The Studying Suggestions pages includes links to specific quizzes which cover content similar to the upcoming quiz.


Archive of Studying Suggestions:



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