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The Quiz Room provides links to online copies of quizzes which were formerly given to Regular Physics sections in previous years. All the quizzes can be accessed from the Sample Quizzes page; use the Sample Quizzes link found along the navigation bar at the top of each page.

The purpose of this resource is to provide students an opportunity to see the types of questions which have been asked on various quizzes. It should not be expected that students will receive identical questions or even similar questions. Each question targets a particular concept, a specific problem-type, or a particular skill. Questions on your upcoming quizzes will target the same concepts, problem-solving abilities, and skills. The difference between these sample quizzes and your upcoming quiz is that a different problem or a different context will be used to assess the same understanding or skill.

Studying Suggestions are written for each quiz; these are highly recommended. A few days prior to the quiz, studying suggestions are posted and the link is updated. All these studying suggestions can be accessed from the Studying Suggestions page; use the Studying Suggestions link found along the navigation bar at the top of each page.

The Quiz Room is best utilized as an online resource. While each quiz can easily be printed and reviewed as a paper copy, this is not the intended purpose of the resource. It is intended that a student would use the links to pertinent information as a tool to review and study. Nearly every question includes such links. The links lead to pages with a wealth of information which resembles the presentation given in class. Some of the links lead to information at The Physics Classroom. Other links lead to the animations at the Multimedia Physics Studios. If you are having difficulty with a particular question, it is strongly recommended that you follow the link to the relevant information.


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