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This page last modified on 5/8/08.


This page is maintained in order to provide useful information for Regular Physics students in Henderson's sections. An effort will be made to keep the page updated to provide the most current information thoughout the school year. Lesson plan/schedule information, opening questions and the information about makeup work will be provided from this page. Additionally, links to useful online resources will be kept at this page.


Chapter 18 Links:

Daily Schedule | Opening Questions | Makeup Work



Read, Watch, Interact and Learn


Extra! Extra! Read All About It: There are some excellent pages at The Physics Classroom which complement the concepts and mathematics of Chapter 18. The concepts refraction and their application to lenses are discussed in detail. Visit The Physics Classroom page.


Delicious: Visit links to web resources on the topic of refraction and lenses at my site:


Least Time Principle: It's an ancient idea about light: it always travels the path between two points which takes the least amount of time. Find out what this has to do with Snell's law by investigating the topic at the interactive shockwave page. Let me play!


Just Do It!: Explore reflection, refraction and total internal reflection using the interactive simulation at the Shockwave Physics Studios. Let me play!


Interactive Ray Diagrams: Explore ray diagrams for converging lenses at this interactive shockwave page. Let me play!


Front Row Viewing: Visit the following pages and watch physics in action as you view some simple animations on light refraction and image formation:

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