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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 7 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 10/15/07.


Tuesday, November 13:

Suppose a new planet is found which has an average orbital radius which is eight times further from the sun than Earth's orbital radius. Determine the period of orbit of the planet in Earth years.



Wednesday, November 14:

Two objects held a distance of d apart attract each other gravitationally with 32 units of force. If the distance of separation is increased to 2d, then what will be the new force of attraction?



Friday, November 16:

Orbiting astronauts on the space shuttle do not have weight in space because _____.
A. there is no air resistance in space

B. the food is terrible and they work all the time

C. there is no gravity in space

D. there are no scales in space to weigh themselves

E. ... nonsense! The astronauts do have weight in space.





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