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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 6 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 11/6/07.


Tuesday, October 30:

Draw the free-body diagram for a projectile as it moves upwards and rightwards towards the peak of its trajectory.



Thursday, November 1:

If ball is projected horizontally at the same time and from the same height as a ball which is dropped from rest, then which ball will hit the ground first?



Friday, November 2:

True or False:
An object which is moving in a circle at a constant speed is accelerating.

Answer the question and then use logic to support your answer.



Monday, November 5:

Noah Formula guides a golf ball around the outside rim of the green at the Hole-In-One Putt-Putt Golf Course. When the ball leaves the rim, which path (1, 2, or 3) will the golf ball follow? ___________ (Note that this diagram depicts the God's eye view.) Explain why.




Tuesday, November 6:

A person on a barrel ride has a sensation of being pushed outward against the barrel wall. This sensation of an outward push is explained by the fact that _____.
A. the rider ate too much cotton candy before going on the ride

B. the wall provides suction which pulls the rider against it

C. objects which move in circles must be acted upon by a net outward force

D. the rider has a tendency to travel in a straight line but the barrel wall is curved



Thursday, November 8:

A person is in a boat on a river. She heads the boat directly across the river but the river current carries the boat downstream. As a result she reaches the opposite shore downstream from her original position. If the current was faster, then how would the following information change (increase, decrease or remain unchanged).
  • the downstream distance which the boat travels
  • the resulting velocity
  • the time to cross the river






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