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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 5 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 10/10/07.


Thursday, October 11:



Monday, October 15:

In a hallway lab, two students make several displacements and organize them in a table. Use their measurements to determine the resulting displacement of the students - both magnitude and direction.
22.0 m, West
2.0 m, North
33.0 m, West
22.0 m, North
16.0 m, West
36.0 m, South


Tuesday, October 16:

Review Question (from Chapter 4):

A rightward force of 32 N is applied to a 2.8-kg object to accelerate it to the right across a tabletop. The object experiences 14 N of friction.

(a) Draw a free-body diagram (pp. 88-89) and label the forces according to type.

(b) Use Newton's second law equation (p. 93) to determine the acceleration of the object



Friday, October 18:

Which of the following statements are consistent with (always true of) an object upon which the net force is 0 Newtons?
  1. The object is not moving.
  2. The object is not accelerating.
  3. The velocity of the object is a constant value.
  4. There no forces acting upon the object.
  5. The forces acting upon the object are balanced.
  6. The force of gravity experienced by the object is equal to the normal force.



Monday, October 22:

What is the equilibrant of the following two forces? That is, what is the magnitude and the direction of the force which is required to balance the sum of A + B?



Tuesday, October 23:

Coming Soon.






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