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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 4 Opening Questions


Friday, September 28:

Textbook, p. 95, #11 and #13


Monday, October 1:

Consider the following statement:
"Motion at a constant speed requires a constant force in the direction of motion."

Is it true or not true? Give reasons why you think it is true or not true or give examples of when it is or is not true.



A rightward moving object is coasting to a stop along a straight, level surface. The net force acting upon the object MUST be ____.

a. zero

b. directed rightward

c. directed leftward

d. ... impossible to answer without further information.

Discuss the principle which you used to make your decision on the answer.



Tuesday, October 2:

The dot diagram below (particle model diagram) depicts the motion of a rightward-moving object. Which of the force diagrams is consistent with the dot diagram? (The arrows on the force diagrams represent forces; the length represent the size of the force.) List all that apply



Wednesday, October 3:

Suppose that you are on a roller coaster ride. At the crest of a small hill you experience a momentary sensation of weightlessness. Describe what weightlessness is and explain why you experience this momentary sensation of weightlessness.



Thursday, October 4:

A 62-kg skydiver is falling downward and experiencing 345 N of air resistance force. Draw a free-body diagram showing the forces upon the skydiver. Label each force according to its type. Then calculate the acceleration of the skydiver.



Friday, October 5:

Late one night, an unfortunate bug collides with the windshield of a fast-moving bus. The force of the bus on the bug is _____ (equal to, greater than, less than) the force of the bug on the bus; the resulting acceleration of the bug is ____ (equal to, greater than, less than) the acceleration of the bus.





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