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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 2 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 9/5/07.


Friday, August 31:

Compare and contrast the motion of the styrofoam ball and the wooden ball. How are they similar and how are they different?



Tuesday, September 4:

You're having a bad day and all of a sudden your luck changes. You discover a lost note on the street which has directions to a buried treasure. You pick up the note and read:
Walk to the right 50 yards. Then turn left and walk 20 yards. Dig down two feet and you will find the buried treasure.

Has your luck really changed? Are these details sufficient enough for you to find the buried treasure?



Wednesday, September 5:

Does the choice of a coordinate system and an origin matter? What does a change in the coordinate system and the origin affect and not affect?



Thursday, September 6:

Question #24 on p. 42 of your textbook.






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