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Henderson's Physics 163

Chapter 20 Opening Questions

This page last modified on 1/22/08.


Wednesday, January 23:

On two separate occasions, the following charge interactions between balloons A, B and C are observed. In each case, it is known that balloon B is charged negatively. Based on these observations, what can you conclusively confirm about the charge on balloon A and C for each situation.


Thursday, January 24:

Jean Yuss is investigating the charge on several objects and makes the following findings.

Object C

attracts B

Object D

repels C

Object E

attracts D

repels F

Object F

attracts A

Jean knows that object A is negatively charged and object B is electrically neutral. What can Jean Yuss definitively conclude about the charge on objects C, D, E, and F? Explain.


Friday, January 25:

A positively charge balloon will stick to a wooden wall. Yet an uncharged balloon will not stick to the wall. Thus, the wall is _____.

a. electrically neutral

b. negatively charged

c. a conductor

d. lacking electrons


Tuesday, January 29:

In the diagrams below, a negatively charged rod is used to charge a metal sphere by the process of induction. In the space below, explain in words what occurs in steps b through e. Accompany this explanation by showing on the diagram the distribution of excess - and + charge in each step and the direction of electron flow whenever applicable.


Wednesday, January 30:

Two charged objects attract with a force of 24 units when held a distance of d apart. If the charge on one of the objects is doubled and the charge on the other object is tripled, then with what force will they attract when held a distance of 2d apart?





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